Out and about with Talolo boots. See who is wearing them and where we have been.

August update

Life at Talolo has been pretty busy recently. Our long awaited new designs arrived in August, which we then loaded up into the horsebox and have been trailing around the country to festivals and fairs, showing them all off. It has been a lot of fun and hard work too and we have met some lovely people along the way.

Heading to Brighton Pride was a real eye opener for us. Loud, flamboyant and OTT everywhere. Being positioned next to some wacky costumes and ‘The Pleasure Emporium’, there was never a dull moment! The Aztec Funk boots went down a storm.

Victorious Festival in Portsmouth was hot, dusty and very busy. However, sleeping in our horsebox beside two motorways and a trainline (the campsite), was not so appealing.

We are running monthly competitions to win a pair of boots, so keep checking in and following us on Instagram and Facebook. I am sure we need to get twittering too. (next project, among many).


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