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Arrival of New Talolo Boots

Get your Urban on!


We’re very excited to be able to unveil our latest Talolo creation…the all singing, all dancing Urban Snakeskin Talolo Boot…even if we do say so ourselves…it’s pretty blummin special!


So, why do we like…no…love them so much? Well, first of all, who doesn’t love a bit of mock snakeskin? Our funky wellies have gained lots of followers but, for some, the patterns were a bit vibrant. Now, we want everyone to be happy, but Talolo is all about funky wellies…well, funky cowboy wellies…so we didn’t want to do a matt black or green pair. So, what did we do? We injected some Talolo magic into the situation. We took a pair of black Talolo Boots, added a mock snakeskin texture, added a bit of shine and finished with an emerald green cotton lining. We’re delighted with our new Urban Snakeskin cowboy wellies and we hope you’ll love them too…please mosey on over to our Facebook page…we’d love to hear your comments and we always like to see pics of your Talolos in action. Just because they’re wellies, don’t feel you need to save them for wet winters, they’re boots as well as wellies, so get ‘em on!


See our Urban Snakeskin style here.


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