Festival Fashion Trend! Cowboy Boots Were The 'It' Shoe At Coachella 2022 — Get The Summer Style

festival goers at Coachella
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Chic, Classy, Country – Cowboy boots win on all three accounts

Nail all aspects of your style game this season with a pair of must-have cowboy boots. As seen spotted on top celebrity stars — including, Sydney Sweeney, Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and more — the western boot trend is absolutely a wardrobe essential as we get closer to the summer sunshine and of course, that also means rain as well!

Coachella is North America’s most famous music festival, showcasing popular and established musical artists as well as emerging artists and reunited groups. It is one of the largest festivals, set in sunny California where the outfits are quite spectacular and a chance for festival goers to outdo each other in OTT- ness.

This year, Coachella confirmed cowgirl couture is only becoming more popular as we dive deeper into summertime style. Not only are these boots made for walking, but they make any outfit unique, expressive and fashionable! Of course, to have them in the form of a welly boot – well, it is a no brainer for the UK.

Talolo cowboy boot wellies


Talolo Boots can brighten up a simple silhouette to show off your personality and get heads turning. Choose from our flamboyant Peacock boots to spice up a neutral-toned ensemble or contrast a bright outfit with our black, brown or animal print boots. Or go fully western style in our cowboy Dallas Dreamers.

If it rains, well, you are well and truly sorted with a pair of Talolo Festival Cowboy boots.

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