Bandy Snake snakeskin cowboy boot wellies


Off the catwalk and into the rain

Snakeskin is one of the hottest trends on the catwalk at the moment, and now you can be wearing these street style black and white snakeskin cowboy boots in the form of a wellington boot. They are chic, stylish and will elevate any outfit as you can wear these with pretty much anything.

Raise the level of an all black outfit, as you would with a pair of boots. No need to wait for the rain to wear these fabulous rubber boots.

Our snakeskin print boot is named after the Bandy Bandy snake, one of Australia’s most striking black and white striped venomous snakes! Did you know that snakes polish their scales to make themselves waterproof? No polish required with these rainboots!

Often spotted:  Supporting their team at a wet & windy Saturday football match
Last seen: Slithering their way up a tree

Why you NEED a pair:

Super comfortable, with a soft gel reinforced 3cm heel (read some reviews!)

Beautifully cut close to the leg for a flattering look

Made from sustainably sourced high-quality biodegradable rubber

Cotton lined

100% waterproof

You will look and feel great in them

You won't find them anywhere else

You will receive lots of lovely compliments when wearing them

You won't regret it, but you might if you don't get them!

"Best boots ever. I knew I needed them in my life ... they exceeded every expectation with their sheer fabulousness"

Fitting guide:

Sized in European sizes from 36 to 41.
We strongly advise you to go up a fully welly boot size as they are a snug fit.   

Don't panic, if you do happen to choose the wrong size, we do offer FREE returns on one pair. x

It’s always good to have room for a decent sock in there.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sherrie Corke Brown
Fab u lous

Whoop whoop. Absolutely love these seen them at festivals and wondered why on earth would people destroy such lovely cowboy boots in all that mud!!!Now I know!

Awesome boots

Bought these on a whim, but totally love them. So much fun, look fab and are comfortable. Good sizing tip to take a size up. I'm a 4 and took a 5 and they are perfect! Now for another pair..... :)

Love these ❤️

I have 5 pairs of your boots now and love them all - great for dog walking but also everyday wear. A great idea - very funky wellies that don’t look like wellies!

Fabulous Snakeskin boots

I bought these for my daughter and she loves them! I followed the advice to size up and they fit perfectly. She's wondering if she can get away with wearing them to work (she's a teacher)!

sarah Leicester
The most FUN and STYLISH rubber boots on the market.

I now own 5 pairs of your wonderful Cowboy boots, and still counting!... Looking forward to the new blue/green ones !
wonderful for all ages - I gave them to all my granddaughters and nieces for Christmas - and they are thrilled - great for ~Festivals they say.
They are so comfortable, I sometimes wear them all day, and I am always complimented.
Follow the advice, and always order a size larger.