Jersualema Fun

Jersualema Fun

During this lockdown gloom, we have teamed up with our good friends at Bushbells, (@bushbells) simply to share some joy. We came across the wonderful song Jerusalema, and decided to record our own version. We had so much fun that we thought we should share the joy and set a challenge to get families, bubbles and other animals to have fun recording a version of the dance.  

 We would love you to join us. The objective is to spread, joy and happiness for a good cause. For every dance that is sent in, We pledge to donate one 'schoolinabag' for a child at the school that Bushbells helped build in Watamu, Kenya.  The children at Bushbells' school have not been in school since March - due to the pandemic, and in an area of high unemployment, they would have seen their families suffer.  In the bag will be a notebook, crayons, a water bottle and a lovely 'satchel' type bag for them to carry their books and any school kit. 

 The point of this is simply some lockdown fun while supporting a good cause. Nothing to lose and the children have lots to gain.

 It is such a wonderful catchy song, you cannot help to smile! So, dance away and bring joy to others. 

 Two Step Process to enter:

1. Post your dance on any platform you like: facebook, Tiktok, YouTube, instagram and tag #jerusalema @taloloboots @bushbells

 2. Follow the link to register into the competition here: Jersualema Fun