How to clean your wellington boots

Wellington Boots are the perfect outdoor wet weather footwear. Given Talolo Boots can be worn inside as well as outside, you will probably want to wash them at times.

To wash your wellies you simply run them under a cold tap or hose (either with your feet still in them) or after you have taken them off.

The mud, if still wet will simply just wash off. If the mud has dried then it best to take a wet sponge or cloth and wash the mud off. 

You may want to use a soft brush for the sole of the boot, to get the mud out of the tread grooves.

We do not advise using a brush anywhere apart from the sole, as it could scratch the wellington boot.

Do not use hot water on the rubber. Cool or warm water is best. 

These cowboy welly boots dry very quickly and will be shiny as new in no time.



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